Youth Programs

Motivation - Networking - Goal Setting - Potential

Map Out Your Future Or Someone Else Will!
There are a couple questions that you can ask your self to get you anywhere in life.  What's most important about your life and how do you know when you have that. Many times people travel through life on cruse control instead of becoming the person they are supposed to be. Maybe you want to become that student who has straight A's or maybe you want to attend that dream college, however the bottom line is that you have to make this happen. Treandos helps the students move in the right direction.           

30 Minute, 60 Minute and 90 Minute Talk
Benefits for your students:
  • Maintain a positive Self Image
  • Students will be able to determine exactly what they want out of life
  • Learn how to set realistic goals
  • Students will be excited about their future