The Secret Combination "Five Tips of Success"
Part I

By Treandos Thornton

"A wise man make decisions on his own, while an ignorant man follows public opinion."
Chinese Proverb

When it comes to making decisions, I can only think of hearing my parents constantly reminding me over and over again to make the 'right' decisions. Over the years, we all have heard the following classic statements : Don't follow the crowd, Be your own man, Be a leader not a follower. Majority of the time these statements go in one ear and out the other. Lets face it- making decisions can either set you apart or break you apart. When faced with making a major decision, the first thing that you should do is consider the outcome. By understanding your desired outcome, you can take the correct actions. For example, as a college student you enjoy your weekend and it is quickly approaching. However, you also know that you have three major exams on Monday morning. The upcoming weekend offers several parties held by your dearest friends. What should you do? Should you study the entire weekend or party? Hopefully, you opt to study for all three exams. The Bottom line is that you should always make decisions by following Stephen Covey's Quote... "Begin with the end in Mind". Life is no rehearsal!